The next little segment in this series is eye-shadows. Eye looks are more prominent than ever these days, whether it’s is a bold statement colour, a classic smokey eye, a new age cut crease or just a day to day subtle eye, eye shadows are holding their own in the beauty world. Following these trends shouldn’t labour your pocket and so I’m going to tell you my favourite budget shadows 🙂


5. In at number 5 is a complete dupe for the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay. The w7 Palettes are an excellent dupe. The colours are very very similar and the design and

 product layout  are nearly identical. Admittedly they’re not as pigmented or easy to blend as the Naked Palettes but they’re still very good. The formulation isn’t too powdery or creamy or buttery it’s just a nice combination of all three. There isn’t much fallout and by wetting this product you get as much colour pay off as eye shadows triple the price. At 7.50 you’re winning.


4. Wet ‘n’ Wild Single Eye Shadows


A brand I seldom talk about but I just live for these shadows. Oh my God they’re perfect. They are the most pigmented shadows you’ll find, both in the drugstore and higher priced places. They are buttery and easy to blend and a dream come true. There’s basically no fall-out either! But they are not without fault my loves. it couldn’t be that good. These break so easily. They smash in the pan and go everywhere when you transport them anywhere or drop them or even bash them too hard opening their little finicky lids. My favourite shades are Nutty and Sugar and for a euro a pop I mean.. seriously.


3. Sleek I- Divine Palettes (All Night Long)

The Sleek Palettes have as good a colour payoff as any higher end shadows AS LONG AS YOU USE A PRIMER. I repeat. PRIMER. These shadows are excellent. They have gorgeous mix of mattes and shimmers in the palettes with almost no fallout and they last all day. The colour pay off is good and they’re easy to blend and within each palette you can create so many eye looks. For 10.49 they’re worth the money just not the most budget friendly option here!



2. Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo

 My love affair continues. Everyone knows I love these. They are an entire eye look in one small pot. They’r so easy to use and work with. They don’t require setting or powder and they don’t transfer onto the top of your eyelids like many other cream eye shadows do. They literally do exactly what they say on the pot and tattoo your eye lids in a lovely pigmented easy to blend colour. Ugh I love them they take 20 minutes off my morning routine. I’ll pay the 10.49 over and over again






  1. MakeUp Revolution Flawless Palette
    Another new brand entry here today! What can I say, this palette is just excellent value for money. For 8.49 you get 32 shadows ranging from light to dark and matte to shimmer. It’ll last you a life time. While the shadows are a bit powdery they’re easy to work with. They don’t have much fallout and the pigmentation is very  good, particularly in the shimmer shades. It’s overall a great palette with so many creative options for so so cheap. Really worth purchasing and trying out!

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