Probably the most difficult budget beauty item to find. If you get foundation wrong.. it goes very wrong. Drugstore foundations have a very bad reputation. Sometimes deserved. Sometimes not. I searched far and wide before I compiled a collection of drugstore foundations I was happy with, particularly as skincare and skin health are very important to me. I don’t want the foundation to oxidise or cause acne or make me look like a patchy orange troll. Das not a good look. Right. let’s start.


5. Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation

A controversial entry as the foundation is quite yellow toned and I most definitely have a pink undertone. But I understand that the majority can work it. This is quite a heavy coverage foundation but it’s dewy at the same time. It is thick and requires buffing, or sheering with a beauty blender as I prefer. The shade range is poor but that’s the case for all drugstore foundations. It lasts a reasonably long time but nowhere near as long as a higher brand foundation would. Still it’s completely fine for every day pottering around the place and for 8.49 you’re getting what you pay for



4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I really like this foundation. It’s formulation is gorgeous, it’s so dewy and hydrating and it smells so delicious. It have a light to medium coverage that’s definitely buildable. This is just suitable for all skin types and it’s really comfortable to wear and lasts a reasonably long time without needing to be topped up. It doesn’t oxidise or go patchy and it blurs and covers all your imperfections  without looking like a thick layer of foundation, My one problem with it, again, is it’s yellow undertone but unlike the Collection foundation this is a lot less yellow and way easier to work with.  12.99


3. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I like this foundation bar one thing. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t matte at all!?? I don’t know why they said that cause its a fab dewy foundation. It isn’t suitable for oily skin either? They really went off the mark with their marketing here. Nonetheless this is a great product. It has a light to medium coverage that’s very buildable and it’s nice and sheer as well. Again slightly yellowy toned but not too bad. It lasts so long it’s my go to foundation for nights out. 11.99




2. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

First things first. It’s only mildly yellow. So it’s already on a winner with me. This is a great foundation. It has a medium cover with just one layer and it lasts all day. It doesn’t oxidise or go patchy, it’s just beautiful and suitable for every skin tone. It has SPF 20 and is only 10.49. A complete bargain







  1. L’oreal True Match FoundationPraise to high heavens a pink toned foundation!!!!!!!!!! This foundation is flawless. A great colour range and fantastic medium to full coverage is one layer. It’s dewy it’s hydrating and so easy to blend. It is literally better than so many high end foundations out there. This lasts so long and doesn’t go patchy and I think I might be in love with it. Where you’d normally pay up to 60 for a foundation of this quality, this is only 14.99. This is the stuff of dreams

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