Damn Basic back at it again with that budget beauty. Today I’m going to talk about the phenomen taking over the beauty world and that’s highlighting. I love the highlighted look. Nothing makes me feel better than putting a sparkly shimmery powder on my face, it literally makes me feel healthy. Hey, get your kicks where you can! Anyway, let’s get on with it


5. Soap & Glory Glow All Out Highlight and Sculpt Cheek Stick


This is a complete dupe of the Nars highlight sticks. This is gorgeous and creamy and easy to blend yet not ideal for humid weather because it will slide off your face. Don’t be shaking your booty in the club with this on your face! But I know loads of people love cream products and this is one of my favourite cream highlighters and was worth throwing in this and in your make up bag. For 11.00 it lasts so long and is just a really nice product.




4. Makeup Revolution Radiant Breath Highlighter
 When I’ve fake tanned (a rare occurrence) and I’m wearing a darker foundation I love this highlighter. I really think it suits sallow skin tones  and gives such a lovely natural sun kissed glow. Whether you’re sallow skinned or a fake tan-er this is a must have in your make up bag and for 4.95 you cannot go wrong







3. New Look Pure Colour Baked Blusher in Gold

Okay number one this isn’t a blush, they just call it that. Now that’s out of the way.. New Look and Topshop have really upped their make up game lately. This highlighter is an utter treasure. It is Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter in different packaging. Basically. These products are literally the exact same  bar the price. I love this, it’s creamy but a powder if that’s even possible. I can’t fault this product at all, bar it’s a little dark for my skin tone. And it’s only 6.99. Unbelievable.







2. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

I’ve raved about this before and I’ll rave about it again and again until I die. This highlighter is wow. So pigmented. SO. MUCH. SHIMMER. It’s stunning. The only issue is that the product sometimes gets a hard crust on top of it, but if you rub some cellotape over it , the crust comes straight off. It’s the most pigmented powder highlighter I have ever come across and it’s 3.49. 3.49. How. Just how.





  1. Sleek  Solstice Highlighting Palette This is a thing of beauty. It makes my eyes water. First look at that beautiful packaging. Even before you look at the product the packaging is gorgeous. It’s a selection of baked powder highlights and cream highlights with at least one shade to suit every skin tone. It’s so easy to blend and work with and has amazing pigmentation. Layer it up and your glow will definitely be seen on the moon. A great palette with so many options and so much diversity. For 14.99 you could argue it’s price but that’s only 3.70 per highlight and I’m certainly not complaining about that!

5 thoughts on “My Top 5… BUDGET HIGHLIGHTERS

  1. The sleek solstice is GORGEOUS! I recently bought it and I have been loving it. All the shades are so stunning that I want to wear them all at once hahaha.


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