Bang On Tiime With The October Favourites

Right so this month is an utter mixed bag of favourite things. I had such a crazy month with so many different things going on that I racked up such random things as my favourites. I’ll just dive straight in because realistically the introduction is the least interesting thing of this post okkkaaaaayyyy

There is nothing nicer than walking home in autumn when it’s kinda dusky evening. You’re bundled up in your coat and you think you’re in a movie cause you’re walking on all the crunchy leaves and naturally, like any normal human being, you need a soundtrack for that moment. To avoid looking more delusional than you already are, I’d advise the use of headphones. I recently got these bad boys, the Gumy earphones by JVC. They’re really good and comfortable to wear (important NB) and they come in loads of colours. I personally opted for pistachio green cause I thought it was funky.




You need candles in autumn. It’s a widely known fact. Don’t question it. My scent of choice lately is Lavender & Sweet Pea from the Penneys/Primark Homeware range. I love this. It’s a really comforting and familiar smell, not in the slightest over-powering. I really like the classic and non-offensive packaging of this as well. Overall a winner  in my eyes






Yet another one of my closest friends went and was inconveniently born in October. We decided to have a house party for her but we really wanted to do it on a budget cause realistically all the stuff will get ruined and never used again. Dealz was such a life saver for us. Everything we got was only 1..50. There’s something hugely satisfying about getting 100 balloons for 1.50. Feels like I achieved something as opposed to spending the entire day buying silly things and decorating the house…. oh well. We had a good night anyway



Because I’m really, just an overall very sexy and attractive person, and all the boys fancy me (LOL I wish) , I’m a person prone to getting mouth ulcers, particularly when the weather changes, or I’m tired or run down, a tube of this miracle really helps me. This gel is applied directly to the ulcer, both coating it to make your mouth more comfortable and eating easier, and has healing properties to get rid of the mouth ulcer faster. I love a good multi-tasking product



Time for food and beverages.

Repeatedly I’ve lamented about my struggles with kidney infections and UTIs (tmi deal with it, shit happens) and I’ve found this to be such a help. I’ve been drinking it by the bucket load. The barley water is a natural remedy for UTIs and it helps you get more liquid into your system which again cn only help us UTI sufferers. Gets my seal of approval anyway (disclaimer: Not a doctor just a chancer)




Sticking with the liquid theme.. This is straight up delicious. This whiskey has just become available in Ireland and it’s so warming and tasty because it somehow tastes like berries? And everyone knows a hot whiskey is medicinal in the colder months. Puts hair on your chest, warms the cockles of your heart etc etc. I believe this is just starting to sell in Irish supermarkets and it’s relatively cheap as well so it’s quite the economical add to your drinks cabinet






I have a book and a game favourite this month. Am I a cool alternative gamer girl yet you ask? Nope I’m still a loser. I digress.

I’ve been so addicted to this lately. It’s just adorable. It’s something on to Candy Crush in the game play but when you pass a level a different piece of the garden is repaired. I’ve been really addicted to this, I think the butler is really funny and the game itself just really cute.





I found this book by accident and fell in love with it. I love the coming of age theme played in this novel, I love the sexual ouvertness, I love the honest relationship between parents and children in this and I like how it deals with racism and religion. This book really has it all, following a young Indian boy born in England during the 90s struggling with all the various identities that we form during our teenage years and early twenties. Really well written and so easy to read. Pick it up if you see it!







Been wearing the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in the shade Tiramisu almost every day. This is the perfect brown warm autumn shade and it’s so creamy and easy to apply which isn’t always the way with wooden pencils. It’s very cheap as well so it’s perfect to experiment with  in case you decide a brown lip isn’t for you





I really like the Penneys/Primark Matte Square black nails. They’re a really nice length and shape, they’re not over dramatic, just a nice classy elegant touch if you’re going somewhere or just want something a small bit extra. Also they’re only 1.50 which is fabulous because realistically you’re not going to use them again and again.







I’ve been wearing these Topshop Kola Boots every single day. Boots are an autumn staple and they really go with every single outfit. I like these because the small heel makes your outfit seem more put together but at the same time they’re very comfy and you can walk for miles in them. They also allow you to tuck your jeans into your fluffy socks adding extra warmth and comfort with is a win win in my books.





Sing Song Time

  1. Ultraviolet –  Stiff Dylans (I watched Angus Thommgs and Perfect Snogging recently sorry)
  2. Deeper – Ella Eyre
  3. Yours –  Ella Henderson
  4. Sexual  –  Neikd
  5. Beauty and The Beast –



































September Favourites (yeah I know I’m late)

So.. I’ve been massively absent on my blog but between back to university, moving house, having a job and getting sick I’ve been really busy! Too busy to think even let alone write. But I am back and I’m starting a new monthly favourites on my bloggy woggy. Just random bits that I’ve been loving and finding useful and that you guys might like to see as well, particularly other students who are poor and trying to save dolla billz

MUA Makeup Academy Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 1I’ve been loving the MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette. It is such a find and such a bargain. It’s about  £5 and you can create so many eye looks out of it. I love the colours for this time of year there’s a lot of smokey browns and subtle shimmery maueves, pinks and a shimmery gold shade. There’s even a black shadow if you wanted to create a really smokey look. This palette can honestly take you from day to night and it’s so small and compact that it’s so easy to just throw in your bag. The pigmentation is also amazing for the price and all in all I can’t recommend this palette more.


My next favourite is the Ardell Wispies. I know I’m about 4 years late on this trend and that Kylie Jenner has praised them over and over again, but oh my god I love these. They’re so flattering and feminine and fluttery and moderately natural. They really open your eyes and aren’t overpowering at all. Depending on how well you look after them, these lashes can go through so many wears as well. The only small issue I have with them is that they don’t come with lash glue but I have tonnes of that spare anyway, just something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of buying a pair!


Image result for vichy dermablendAs is the student life, I go out a lot. That means a lot of make up and a lot of sweating and a lot of bad skin wrecking things.On a night out I want a full coverage foundation but I still want to protect my skin. Luckily Vichy released the new Dermablend foundations. This is so full coverage and amazingly the foundation has some properties that are actually good for your skin and works on acne prone skin while you’re wearing it. Two birds one stone




This is life. I love this. It is basically the very same as Benefit Gimme Brow but genuinely a third of the price. It thickens my brows, adds more definition, shapes them and makes them just the right shade and disperses the brow pomade I use through my brows evenly too. It also makes sure my brows don’t fade away during the day, I don’t sweat them off when I’m working ma thing all day long





I know the dewy look is really in but nothing is nicer in autumn than a nice matte nail, especially in a dark colour like navy, grey or burgundy. This top coat by Barry M is such a good idea. One coat of this on top of your normal nail polish and you’ve got instant matte nails. And it means you don’t have to go out and buy 50 matte colours, whatever nail varnish you have at home will work with it. And Barry M is such an affordable brand, you really can’t go wrong






While reds and purples are perfect autumn lip colours, September is a small bit early to be breaking out the deepest darkest shades, for me anyway. Macs Brave lipstick is a gorgeous nude shade, just dark enough to be kind of autumnal but not too dark either. Perfect for day to day wear. Been loving this the whole month of September, reached for it every day






Again with the nights out. I like to tan just for pictures and for that nice healthy ‘not dying of a hangover’ glow. I really like the medium st moriz tan lotion. I apply in the night before, leave it to come up over night and then shower in the morning to make it a nice even colour. Lasts about 2-4 days without needing a top up depending how dark you’d like to be.



Image result for olay anti wrinkle firm and night lift creamRecently I’ve noticed my skin has been less supple and soft as it usually is. During this time of year I need a heavier duty moisturiser but I’m also starting to get to the age where I need to starting including anti-aging in my skin care. This olay cream was a good blend of both. I love to slather it on at night and  let it work its magic while I sleep. My skin  has become a lot more dewy and supple since I started using this




Image result for blistex raspberry lemonade blastI’m a slave to liquid lipsticks. And it’s autumn and it’s cold and windy. Dry lips are something I suffer with all year long but they’re worse at this time of year. I love this stuff the Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast. It does its job keeping my lips soft and moisturised and it tastes delicious too. Only problem is I lose it all the time and have to keep repurchasing.





This time of year I crave soup. It’s so warming and filling and nutritious and cheap and wholesome and cheap.. mainly cheap. The brand Cully & Sully are my favourite at the moment with White Winter Veg Soup and Creamy Tomato and Basil being firm  favourites. This is £2 a pot and you throw it in the microwave for 2 mins and it’s ready. Ideal for a quick warm delicious cost friendly lunch


Post night out soakage is important. Recently I’ve been trying to make better health and food choices but when you’re hanging, you’re hanging. I found KP Dry Roasted peanuts really help me get over them harsh mornings. They’re delicious, high in fibre and protein and they hit that salty craving when you need it. Always have a bag in the house now






You know the way I’m trying to eat healthy? It has its bad days. I live beside 4 star pizza and their cookies are my weakness. They’re so warm and gooey and chocolatey and all I have to do is cross the road to get them. They’re so filling and warming and comforting. Highly recommend and a big shout out to the 4 star staff who I know far too well at this stage lololololololol






Image result for costa iced green teaThe Costa Green Tea Lime Mint Cooler is delicious. When you want something refreshing to drink doing assignments or work this is so refreshing and non caffeinated so you don’t have highs and lows. It’s refreshing and gives you the boost when you’re struggling and green tea is fantastic for your metabolism. This detoxes my body after all the cookies







Music wise I’ve decided to give my monthly playlist


  • Glass Animals – Season Two Episode Three                   
  • Hozier- Do I Wanna Know ( Arctic Monkeys C0ver)
  • The Strumbellas – Young and Wild                               
  • Starship- We Buit This City                                      
  • OK Go- Shooting The Moon                                      
  • Tom Odell – Another Love                                        
  • The Fratellis – Cuntry Boys and City Girls                
  • Arctic Monkeys – Come Together (Beatles)                 





That’s all for this month guys!

Grá Mór





The very long-awaited segment of my ‘My Top 5’ series, budget/drugstore lipsticks. Lipstick can create an entire look, an entire vibe and an entire attitude. It is one of the single most prominent and important make up items in the world and all make up wearers wear lipsticks. If you’re anything like me, you want to have a massive lipstick collection, if only for how pretty they look in  my make up collection. I’m addicted! I don’t want to spend my (very minimal) life savings on lipsticks so here are a few of my favourite budget lipsticks and shades. Mwah!


5. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams

I adore these. I really do. They’re like no other product I’ve ever tried before. They’re so soft and comfortable to wear even though they are incredibly pigmented and matte. They dry down fully but still at the same time don’t crack your lips. They feel very velvety and they smell unbelievable like vanilla. They’re such a beautiful formulation and pigmentation and the only reason they’re not higher up the list is the fact they’re technically not a lipstick. They also smell amazing like baking and vanilla. My favourite shades are ‘Antwerp’, a really vibrant summery coral shade, ‘Budapest’, a stunning 90’s very browny-pink nude shade, ‘San Juan’, a bright orange summer sunshine shade that’s just really unusual and nice to have in your collection and ‘Istanbul’, a beautiful your lips but better blush pink shade. These are only 7.75. I would pay triple for these, the quality is stunning

4. L’Oreal Paris Perfection Colour Riche Lipstick

L”Oreal got it so right with these lipsticks. First off just look at that gorgeous packaging, it fills my heart with joy. These are beautiful creamy lipsticks that come in both satin and matte finishes depending on your preference. The colour payoff is excellent but it slightly bothers me that these lipsticks sit on your lips as opposed to sinking in to your lips. Not that they go all over your face because they don’t, I just personally don’t like the sensation of that. Regardless these are beautiful and apply like a dream with no tugging on your lips and they hardly dry out our lips at all. I love these. My favourite shades are ‘Bois de Rose’, a gorgeous rose petal pink shade that makes your lips so kissable and ‘Violet Saturne’, a fab mauvey purple nude. These are 10.49 and have a beautiful shade range and quality

3. Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick

These are excelllent lipsticks. They’re so creamy and vibant, this collaboration between  Kate Moss and Rimmel is just right. I love how these smell they have sharp berryish fresh scent and they’re so beautifully flattering on. They sink into your lips and are so comfortable to wear and just are so so vibrant. I wear these to death at Christmas. They don’t dry down fully which is a bit of a pain but a small price to pay in my opinion for such amazing pigmentation. My favourite shades are ‘107’ a beautiful blue toned red perfect for the festive season and ‘111’ a beautiful vibrant pinky coral shade perfect for spring summer. These are only 7.49. Shocking

2. Max Factor Elixir Lipsticks


These are majorly sentimental for me as these are the first lipsticks I ever bought. I love these.. First off their packaging is beautiful and these are so pigmented and comfy to wear. they have a satiny finish and are just so lovely and pigmented and elegant.They’re so long-lasting and the shade range is stunning. My favourite shades are ‘Mulberry”, a seasonal dark berry shade that’s so sophisticated and beautiful, ‘Burnt Caramel’, a fab very nude browny- pink shade and ‘Ruby Tuesday’, a bright shocking red, very similar to Mac’s Ruby Woo. 10.49

  1. Sleek Matte Me Liquid LipsticksMy favourites. My babies. These are incredible. The shade range is amazing, they dry matte and they will not budge all day. They’re so pigmented and you need only  one coat to get full colour pay off. These are better than higher end liquid lipsticks. the colours are so unusual also, they can really create a unique and memorable look. They’ll last no matter what you eat or drink. My favourite shades are ‘Birthday Suit’, a beautiful nude pinky – brown exceptionally similar to the Kylies lip kits, ‘Fandango Purple’, a startling bright purple and ‘Vino Tinto’ a burgundy the very same shade as red wine. These are only 6.49 which is so under selling these stunning products


Lashes are such a gorgeous sultry feature that can really draw attention to your eyes. That is why mascara is your most valuable weapon. Cause you need to be able to flutter your lashes and be a flirting queen. Just saying. Let’s get down to business

5. W7 Absolute Lashes


Look at this packaging. Look at the mascara wand. This smells of dupe-iness. This is very similar to the Benefit They’re Real mascara, but admittedly not as good. This product isn’t as liquidy as I would like or as jet black either. But the wand does a fantastic job at separating and fanning out your lashes. It’s so lengthening and impossible to make clumpy no matter how many layers you apply. So at 4.75 the pros definitely outweigh the cons and it’s woth shoving it the old make up bag. This has a straight plastic very rigid wand for those of you who are specific about wands



4. Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara

This is the opposite to the W7 mascara. This is so liquidy and black and lengthening and thickening. Yet be careful, one coat too many and you have the most clumpy stuck together lashes ever. I also find wearing too much of this product stings my eyes even though I don’t have sensitive eyes? It’s odd one. It’s still a good product though, you just have to learn to use it sparingly and scrape any excess product off the wand before applying it to your lashes. It doesn’t flake off during the day and it’s very budget friendly at 3.99. This has a fibre wand that is fairly flexible and easy to work with



3. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara

This is a lovely llittle mascara. Again, it’s very black and liquidy and creates a fantastic amount of volume, something I personally love in a mascara. This is a beautiful product bar one issue. If you’re really sweaty this mascara transfers to your lids. This is not one suitable for exercise or the club. Which is annoying and definitely lost marks for me. It is ideal for everyday use though and it’s only 9.99. I’ve used worse higher brand mascaras! This wand again is fibrous but only moderately flexible unlike the Collection mascara




2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This is another Benefit dupe. Every beauty vlogger/blogger probably owns this. It’s very similar to the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara right down to the shape of the wand. The curve of the wand adds a curl to your lash and the formulatio of the product makes youur lashes lovely and thick. The wand is moderately thick but so is the actual liquid so again you have to be careful with how many coats you apply because this mascara can clump. Otherwise I can’t fault is and it is 11.99



  1. Essence Lash Princess Mascara
  2. I love this so much. This is the blackest, most lengthening, most volumising false lash effectish mascara ever. And the packaging is adorable. The wand is fibrious and has a curved shape to curl and fan your lashes. This product is gorgeous but again you have to be careful with how many coats you apply because it can clump all your lashes together if you use too much. But use the right amount and you will have stunning lashes and it’s only 4.09. A find if ever I saw one

My Birthday Weekend Away Clothes and Make-up

My saint of a boyfriend took me away this weekend as a birthday treat. Because sometimes  (most of the time, but I can’t let him get a big head) he’s lovely. Anyway I thought I’d share with you guys what I wore on my face and body just in case you’ve an upcoming holiday with your significant other or even just you friends! Anyway, we all love a nose around what other people are doing!!


The make up I brought with me was things I knew would be suitable for light day time looks and more sultry night time looks. Yet at the same time I wanted to bring as little make up as possible because travelling with make up is a nightmare.

For my base make up I opted for the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Mont Blanc.

This is an upper brand more expensive foundation, which usually on this blog I avoid, but hey it was a special occasion. This water based foundation matches my skin tone to perfection and you need the smallest bit to cover your entire face. It has a light to medium coverage but honestly this is a special foundation that covers your imperfections with such little coverage. It’s magic. It’s dewy and natual and gorgeous.


For concealer I went with my tried and tested Catrice Liquid Camoflage Concealer. Nothing new there, you guys know all about it, just a full coverage, very pigmented, creamy, easy to blend concealer, suitable for undereye and imperfections.

For powder I used the Maybelline Fit Me powder just to set everything down, my go to powder. Just does the job no fuss, no loose powder problems, y’all feel.

My contour was once again the Sleek Contour Palette in the shade Light. To contour I mix the last two dark shade and run them slightly above the hallows of of my cheeks, up the temples of my head, across my hair line, going down slightly further and blend it out! I also run is from below my ear down my jaw bone and and just under my chin. Et voila, a chiselled face.


To set my contour and to bronze up my face I use theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer.

This is a really nice bronzer that isn’t orange toned at all and it just the right amount of pigment for a bronzer. It’s also really hand to travel with as it’s quite small and made of cardboard so it’s durable.




Then to highlight I used theBalm Mary Lou Manizer. A classic and a beautiful highlight


For blush I wore the Nars Orgasm blush. For the weekend that was in it. Just kidding!! This is a stunning blush and it comes in small travel friendly durable packaging. It also adds extra shimmer so it’s win win really


My brows were created with my usual Nyx Tame and Frame Brow Pomade which you guys all know about by now and I won’t bore you with it again!

My eye make up was going to be a major focus for any look this weekend so I brought along my Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette.

During the day I ran the second shade on the bottom row, called sustitute for love through my crease, with the tiniest dab of the next shade, freshly toasted in my outer V. Then I put the second shade on the top row, sweeter end, on my mobile eyelid. Mascara and liquid liner and Bob’s your uncle. At night I usually chose the shade freshly toasted for my crease, with the last shade on the top row, beans are white, used very sparingly in my outer V. Then I wore the gorgeous cranberry shade, warm notes, on my mobile eyelid and the white shade, bitter start, on the corner of my eye to brighten the whole look. I repeat the look on my bottom lid and smoke it out for a more sultry night look! I paired it with liquid liner and my favourite lashes which I’ll talk about later

The mascara I used is a new find and revealation.

The Essence Lash Princess mascara is so black and thickening and volumising and cheap! I absolutely love this essence it makes my lashes so full and long. But a word of warning. It’s not water proof. And two coats is enough,  otherwise it can get clumpy!




The lashes I have been loving are the Eyelure with Fleur de Force 3/4 length lashes.

These are stunning. They’re not as full on or false as a full strip of lashes but they add a little extra summin summin and make your look so much more effeminate and pretty. I love them so much and think they really add something special to a look





On my lips I just wore a classic nudelipstick, Mac Soar


Clothes were a dilemma with the changeable Irish weather. Honestly at the moment it’s 20 plus degrees, poring rain one minute and sunny the next! You never know where you stand! Regardless I battled on.

The first day travelling down I wore my boohoo denim jacket

Paired with a plain white t and black skinny jeans and my beloved  Toms! Just a really simple, easy to wear comfy outfit






The next day we had a lot of outdoor activities planned and a lot of walking soo I knew comfort, warmth and weather resistance were key. I opted for my Topshop Addidas jumper , some black ripped Joni Jeans also from Topshop and my Addidas Allstars. Simple but suitable






That night I glammed up for my lovely birthday dinner and wore this Boohoo midi bodycon dress with a leather jacket and some plain black heels




Sunday was a lazy day of a bit of shopping and browsing around the town so I just wore something really casual. My dark wash New Look skinny jeans, a grey ribbed bodysuit from Boohoo and my New Look Khaki Bomber Jacket






So that’s it guys! I had the lovliest time and a big thank you to my boyfriend for the most thoughtful gift ever!


Grá Mór

Basic xx


Damn Basic back at it again with that budget beauty. Today I’m going to talk about the phenomen taking over the beauty world and that’s highlighting. I love the highlighted look. Nothing makes me feel better than putting a sparkly shimmery powder on my face, it literally makes me feel healthy. Hey, get your kicks where you can! Anyway, let’s get on with it


5. Soap & Glory Glow All Out Highlight and Sculpt Cheek Stick


This is a complete dupe of the Nars highlight sticks. This is gorgeous and creamy and easy to blend yet not ideal for humid weather because it will slide off your face. Don’t be shaking your booty in the club with this on your face! But I know loads of people love cream products and this is one of my favourite cream highlighters and was worth throwing in this and in your make up bag. For 11.00 it lasts so long and is just a really nice product.




4. Makeup Revolution Radiant Breath Highlighter
 When I’ve fake tanned (a rare occurrence) and I’m wearing a darker foundation I love this highlighter. I really think it suits sallow skin tones  and gives such a lovely natural sun kissed glow. Whether you’re sallow skinned or a fake tan-er this is a must have in your make up bag and for 4.95 you cannot go wrong







3. New Look Pure Colour Baked Blusher in Gold

Okay number one this isn’t a blush, they just call it that. Now that’s out of the way.. New Look and Topshop have really upped their make up game lately. This highlighter is an utter treasure. It is Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter in different packaging. Basically. These products are literally the exact same  bar the price. I love this, it’s creamy but a powder if that’s even possible. I can’t fault this product at all, bar it’s a little dark for my skin tone. And it’s only 6.99. Unbelievable.







2. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

I’ve raved about this before and I’ll rave about it again and again until I die. This highlighter is wow. So pigmented. SO. MUCH. SHIMMER. It’s stunning. The only issue is that the product sometimes gets a hard crust on top of it, but if you rub some cellotape over it , the crust comes straight off. It’s the most pigmented powder highlighter I have ever come across and it’s 3.49. 3.49. How. Just how.





  1. Sleek  Solstice Highlighting Palette This is a thing of beauty. It makes my eyes water. First look at that beautiful packaging. Even before you look at the product the packaging is gorgeous. It’s a selection of baked powder highlights and cream highlights with at least one shade to suit every skin tone. It’s so easy to blend and work with and has amazing pigmentation. Layer it up and your glow will definitely be seen on the moon. A great palette with so many options and so much diversity. For 14.99 you could argue it’s price but that’s only 3.70 per highlight and I’m certainly not complaining about that!


Probably the most difficult budget beauty item to find. If you get foundation wrong.. it goes very wrong. Drugstore foundations have a very bad reputation. Sometimes deserved. Sometimes not. I searched far and wide before I compiled a collection of drugstore foundations I was happy with, particularly as skincare and skin health are very important to me. I don’t want the foundation to oxidise or cause acne or make me look like a patchy orange troll. Das not a good look. Right. let’s start.


5. Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation

A controversial entry as the foundation is quite yellow toned and I most definitely have a pink undertone. But I understand that the majority can work it. This is quite a heavy coverage foundation but it’s dewy at the same time. It is thick and requires buffing, or sheering with a beauty blender as I prefer. The shade range is poor but that’s the case for all drugstore foundations. It lasts a reasonably long time but nowhere near as long as a higher brand foundation would. Still it’s completely fine for every day pottering around the place and for 8.49 you’re getting what you pay for



4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I really like this foundation. It’s formulation is gorgeous, it’s so dewy and hydrating and it smells so delicious. It have a light to medium coverage that’s definitely buildable. This is just suitable for all skin types and it’s really comfortable to wear and lasts a reasonably long time without needing to be topped up. It doesn’t oxidise or go patchy and it blurs and covers all your imperfections  without looking like a thick layer of foundation, My one problem with it, again, is it’s yellow undertone but unlike the Collection foundation this is a lot less yellow and way easier to work with.  12.99


3. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I like this foundation bar one thing. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t matte at all!?? I don’t know why they said that cause its a fab dewy foundation. It isn’t suitable for oily skin either? They really went off the mark with their marketing here. Nonetheless this is a great product. It has a light to medium coverage that’s very buildable and it’s nice and sheer as well. Again slightly yellowy toned but not too bad. It lasts so long it’s my go to foundation for nights out. 11.99




2. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

First things first. It’s only mildly yellow. So it’s already on a winner with me. This is a great foundation. It has a medium cover with just one layer and it lasts all day. It doesn’t oxidise or go patchy, it’s just beautiful and suitable for every skin tone. It has SPF 20 and is only 10.49. A complete bargain







  1. L’oreal True Match FoundationPraise to high heavens a pink toned foundation!!!!!!!!!! This foundation is flawless. A great colour range and fantastic medium to full coverage is one layer. It’s dewy it’s hydrating and so easy to blend. It is literally better than so many high end foundations out there. This lasts so long and doesn’t go patchy and I think I might be in love with it. Where you’d normally pay up to 60 for a foundation of this quality, this is only 14.99. This is the stuff of dreams


The next little segment in this series is eye-shadows. Eye looks are more prominent than ever these days, whether it’s is a bold statement colour, a classic smokey eye, a new age cut crease or just a day to day subtle eye, eye shadows are holding their own in the beauty world. Following these trends shouldn’t labour your pocket and so I’m going to tell you my favourite budget shadows 🙂


5. In at number 5 is a complete dupe for the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay. The w7 Palettes are an excellent dupe. The colours are very very similar and the design and

 product layout  are nearly identical. Admittedly they’re not as pigmented or easy to blend as the Naked Palettes but they’re still very good. The formulation isn’t too powdery or creamy or buttery it’s just a nice combination of all three. There isn’t much fallout and by wetting this product you get as much colour pay off as eye shadows triple the price. At 7.50 you’re winning.


4. Wet ‘n’ Wild Single Eye Shadows


A brand I seldom talk about but I just live for these shadows. Oh my God they’re perfect. They are the most pigmented shadows you’ll find, both in the drugstore and higher priced places. They are buttery and easy to blend and a dream come true. There’s basically no fall-out either! But they are not without fault my loves. it couldn’t be that good. These break so easily. They smash in the pan and go everywhere when you transport them anywhere or drop them or even bash them too hard opening their little finicky lids. My favourite shades are Nutty and Sugar and for a euro a pop I mean.. seriously.


3. Sleek I- Divine Palettes (All Night Long)

The Sleek Palettes have as good a colour payoff as any higher end shadows AS LONG AS YOU USE A PRIMER. I repeat. PRIMER. These shadows are excellent. They have gorgeous mix of mattes and shimmers in the palettes with almost no fallout and they last all day. The colour pay off is good and they’re easy to blend and within each palette you can create so many eye looks. For 10.49 they’re worth the money just not the most budget friendly option here!



2. Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo

 My love affair continues. Everyone knows I love these. They are an entire eye look in one small pot. They’r so easy to use and work with. They don’t require setting or powder and they don’t transfer onto the top of your eyelids like many other cream eye shadows do. They literally do exactly what they say on the pot and tattoo your eye lids in a lovely pigmented easy to blend colour. Ugh I love them they take 20 minutes off my morning routine. I’ll pay the 10.49 over and over again






  1. MakeUp Revolution Flawless Palette
    Another new brand entry here today! What can I say, this palette is just excellent value for money. For 8.49 you get 32 shadows ranging from light to dark and matte to shimmer. It’ll last you a life time. While the shadows are a bit powdery they’re easy to work with. They don’t have much fallout and the pigmentation is very  good, particularly in the shimmer shades. It’s overall a great palette with so many creative options for so so cheap. Really worth purchasing and trying out!


Brows are very important. End of. Fleeky (it’s a word) brows are as essential as air and water. I understand all too well that a lot of us don’t have a lot of cash to splash about on the browzers. That is why I’m going to tell you my top 5 brow products. Hope this helps any of you suffering the bad brow plight


5. MUA Pro- Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

This is a fab little kit in my own humble opinion. It comes with a clear brow setting wax, two brown powder shades depending on your suitable colouring and a transitional blondey colour suitable for mixing with the brown colours to make them lighter if needs be. It also comes with a small brow brush which does the job reasonably enough and a small tweezers for those of you brave enough to attempt to touch your brows! I love that this comes with a nice big mirror which is so handy and a hard case which stops the powders breaking easily. Really like this product but I do find it wears away through out the day and the colours are a bit dark and do require mixing and matching! Yet at 4.20 it’s a steal.


4. Nyx Brow Gel

Express brows anyone? Here you go. The Nyx Brow Gels are really fantastic products. There is a really wide shade range which is unusual to see in brow products and the little tube lasts you ages, making it very good on the pocket. I find one application of this lasts all day and it both tames your stray brow hairs and adds colour and definition too. Another suprising thing about this product is that it’s water-proof, which gel products usually aren’t. The down side of this product it that it’s f***king difficult to apply. It’s hard to control the amount of product that comes out and hard to create a gradient in your brows too. Nonetheless, a confident brow artiste can make this work! 7.75


3. Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil

This is a lovely little product. On one end there’s a very thin nibbed brow tint that applies pigmentation to your brows, but the thin nib allows you to mimic your brow hairs in little strokes, making a natural yet pigmented and defined brow very achievable. The other side has a waxy pencil. This sets the brow in place and adds extra brow and definition. This product is fool proof for good brows. The only downside is the price. At 13.50 it is a bit pricey especially as the product runs out quite quickly



2. Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit

Available in two shades, this is just a nice little product. It had a pigmented wax side and a powder side which lets you decide if you want a natural brow or a stronger brow. it’s water proof and lasts all day and comes with a double ended brush and a spooly So you can brush your brows into shape and brush the product through your brows. Application is easy and it’s only 5.49




  1. Nyx Tame and Frame Brow Pomade

And the winner is!! Love this. It’s application is speedy and easy. It’s a complete dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade. Thus is so pigmented and smooth and easy to work with and it makes your brows look fantastic and defined. 7.49 and it is flawless